The Sisters Eight
The Eight: Annie, Durinda, Georgia, Jackie, Marcia, Petal, Rebecca, Zinnia (from top left).
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 7(Aug. 8, 2007—Aug. 7, 2008); 8(Aug. 8, 2008—)
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 4'8": Annie

4'7": Durinda 4'6": Georgia 4'5": Jackie 4'4": Marcia 4'3": Petal 4'2": Rebecca 4'1": Zinnia

Weight Unknown
The Sisters Eight, alternatively known as "The Eights", are the eight youngest daughters of the Huit family, consisting of Annie, Durinda, Georgia, Jackie, Marcia, Petal, Rebecca, and Zinnia. The Eights are octuplets, each one minute older and one inch taller than the next. They discovered their supernatural powers leading up to and on their eighth birthdays, starting with Annie the eldest.

Their parents Robert and Lucy Huit disappeared - or died - on New Year's Eve 2007/2008, and through the following year, the sisters had to deal with this and their new powers, while pretending to the world that their parents were still about. During that time they were guided by their cousin Zinn Octo, who sent them notes from the pocket universe created by his mother and gave each a gift after her power was discovered. They also have a telekinetic baby sister named 9 who was able to manifest her power at a much younger age.